10 Reasons To Get a Photobooth For Your Wedding

April 9, 2019
3 girls posing in the photobooth

We all love taking photos, especially during special occasions like a wedding. But what makes the photobooth experience so unique? Often, we find people  are much more relaxed, opening up and letting their true personality flourish when compared to photos taken by a photographer. Perhaps it’s the group dynamic, maybe it’s the props, or could it be the live-view image counting down before every shot?

Its just the perfect way to capture people’s personalities

Either way, it’s simply great fun. But there are plenty of other reasons you should consider a photobooth for your wedding. Here’s what we think:

It’s suitable for all ages. Keeping everybody entertained at an event is always a challenge, particularly when there’s a wide age range. An open-air photobooth can fix that! We’ve noticed that guests of all ages  enjoy coming together, creating memories and prints in the process.

It’s a conversation starter. Weddings usually consist of a large, varied group of people, brought together by the special occasion, but getting these groups to mingle can sometimes be awkward. What better way to get people talking (and laughing) than a prop-filled selfie-session?

It’s excellent value. Our range of price points and the flexibility we offer means we have something to suit every budget. For the hours of entertainment a photobooth can provide, it’s really great value.

The photos will last a lifetime (both digital and print!) There’s no such thing as too many photo’s from a special event such as a wedding. But what’s even better than that? A huge collection of professionally lit, high quality prints and memories.

If you’re curious about what AceBooth photobooth could bring to your wedding, take a look at our Sample Gallery for some ideas! And if you’re ready to start customising your photobooth experience, check out our Photo Templates and our selection of Backdrops.

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